Our competence is passion

Brands are living, self-contained constructs – personalities making a promise. We see that as our task and your success to develop, to keep and to grow.

Our strengths are flexibility and performance

We build your brand

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Every brand has its own personality. Together with you, we want to work them out and continuously develop them further. Contemporary, attractive and unique. But above all: desirable for your target group.

Take advantage of our 20 years of experience in the lifestyle industry and we will be happy to make it available to you. In doing so, we believe in partnership and cooperation at eye level. Because mutual esteem and enjoyment of the work becomes tangible for your customers through the brand. Promised. Here, too, we speak from experience.

Attention to detail and ability together lead to success. Only those who know where they come from can develop ideas about where they can go. Authenticity is the starting point. Always. This allows the personality of your brand to be derived and brought together in its personal history. Just like in real life, your brand must evolve with the times. Only in connection with a statement, a statement that is adapted to the respective zeitgeist, will your brand remain permanently attractive for your target group. And even conquers new customers.

This is exactly what you achieve with people at work. Because: Investing our passion in your brand and implementing it in a continuous brand development is our motivation. Creative, full of enthusiasm for the cause and always oriented towards your needs.

Brands become alive through coordinated content

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Successful communication is not a coincidence, but the result of individual, well thought-out and coordinated actions. But it is only through the love of detail that the message reaches exactly the point it should: the core of what your customers expect from you.

Our passion is our driving force: we like everything that is beautiful and not just looks like it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, by the way. Because from our point of view, even high aesthetic standards are not just a question of money. Our work also stands for this.

With this attitude and our knowledge we lead your brand to success. We are sure of that. Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the lifestyle industry, we know all the nuances and facets of successful brand communication inside out. Except for the decisive point.It goes without saying that cooperation always means the cooperation of two partners with mutual acceptance. After all, together we focus on the success of your brand. Together we work on your individual communication and message until it fits. For everyone. For you. For us. But above all: for your customers.

A well-maintained relationship network helps us to convey your messages in the market. We can rely on this at home and abroad.

Content needs a matching reference level

Public Relations

Creating relationships consciously. Ongoing. And on all channels. With love for detail and for the cause.

That’s what we stand for: people at work.

Only those who have an attitude can communicate it to the outside world. Because only through an attitude does your brand get a face. Distinctive and attractive for your customers, in short: desirable.Before we send your brand messages to the outside world, we always want to understand their essence first. Getting to the bottom of things is not only an essential part of our work, but also an essential cornerstone of our success.And thus on for yours: Only when we really know what you and your brand stand for can we credibly communicate to third parties what is really important to you. Only then does your brand get a face and your messages achieve the desired effect.

Sounds logical? It is. Because: Public relations means relationship work.

This must therefore also apply between people at work and its clients: So to you. Relationships can only ever be formed jointly. Authentic, honest and at eye level. This is how good relationships work best. In times of social networks this applies once again.And already we are back where we started: Public relations means consciously shaping relationships. Constantly. And on all channels. With love for detail and for the cause. In short: people at work.

The product has to meet all requirements


No matter how excellent a communication may be, it is ineffective without the right product. That’s why we work closely with our customers during product development – if they wish – because successful products are our passion. And that helps us to develop a precise brand strategy. Through many years of work and experience we have been able to gain profound knowledge and contacts. The resulting network and our know-how are at the disposal of our customers. Whether this concerns the design of a collection, its structure or the matching production, right up to sales – with matching and new approaches to solutions, we ensure the success of our customers. This is especially true for labels that want to reposition themselves or do not yet have the appropriate experience. This rounds off our service, which in our opinion can be summarised under a perfect marketing concept

People at work, our name says it all.

We are a team made up of specialists and we offer the appropriate and long-standing acquired competence for every task in an advisory capacity.Our network and our contacts provide us with the necessary information. We are always up to date at the latest trade fairs, communicating with brands and talking to experts in the industry.

We assist you in your decision

When does one make the right decision when developing the product strategy and finally the matching communication? Of course, there is always the option of making the right decision based on intuition and experience.
Strategic marketing says: “Listen to your customers”.
In addition to the experience we have gained with many brands and which we are happy to share with you, we offer you to secure your strategic decision, in cooperation with skilled people, based on qualitative, empirical surveys. We let your customer speak and we know that this often leads to surprising results. Whether we then realise this with you or for you is again your decision.

Expirienced team

We are a team composed of specialists. So we offer for each task the suitable and many years acquired competence.

The necessary information is provided by our network and our contacts. Up-to-date on current fairs, in communication with brands and in discussions with experts in the textile industry.